Unbridled Collection

Launched on Thursday, June 21, 2012

Elizabeth Shatner's “Unbridled Collection” depicts unique glimpses into the equine way of life, encompassing a diverse range of breeds and disciplines, through the eye of a dedicated horsewoman and judge.

Special Pieces

Spanish Riding School

Location: Spain, 2010

An original work from Elizabeth Shatner's Art by Nature: The Unbridled Collection

Spanish Riding School

In the spring of 2010, the Shatners travelled to Marbella, Spain, to attend the Marbella Film Festival where Bill’s documentary “Gonzo Ballet” won an award for “Best Documentary”. They were able to take a “side trip” to a Spanish riding school where they were invited by the school’s head trainer to share a training session with one of his prized pupils. It was a rarity and an honor to be allowed to capture this intimate, behind-the scenes moment.

Interesting footnote: Spain is among several European countries where the art of horsemanship is preserved and funded by the government, thus ensuring that the traditional art of high school dressage endures. The skills these horses learn are derived from the historical Spanish war horse maneuvers, which have evolved into modern dressage competitions. At the military level, the Iberian horses and their trainers are so advanced that they form an elite group unmatched in the world. The inter- species communication and partnership that is necessary to perform these skilled maneuvers is amazing to Elizabeth, and is thus an inspiration for her art.

Special Inquiries and Bespoke Pieces

Horse Smile - Boston Legal

Special Inquiries and Bespoke Pieces

Call Me Regal - Yearling Closeup

Special Inquiries and Bespoke Pieces

AllGlory - 2009 Lexington Junior League Horse Show

Location: Lexington, Ky Junior League Charity Horse Show 2009

Based on an original photo by James Lilly
An original work from Elizabeth Shatner's Art by Nature: The Unbridled Collection

All Glory

A part of the Shatner’s Belle Reve family of horses since 2001, All Glory is a champion American Standardbred roadster show horse and 2010 Breyerfest Celebration Horse.  He is an inspiration, having overcome great odds to succeed in the show ring and in life.

In the show ring, he has had an unprecedented 12 Champion of Champions and world champions wins (not counting reserves) with both Bill and Liz. He is history in the making as he is one of the only American Standardbreds that has won major titles both under saddle and hitched to a sulky.

In keeping with his inspirational name, All Glory is a great symbol of hope outside the ring as the official mascot for Elizabeth Shatner's non-profit, The All Glory Project, which supports equine- and canine-assisted therapy center for Military, Veterans and their families.

His spirit is captured here, seeming to say, “You can do it!” 

Special Inquiries and Bespoke Pieces

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