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PLEASE NOTE: The Product you receive will be free of the copyright security watermarks that are on the preview images on this site.

How to Order Elizabeth Shatner Art from This Site:
We use an exciting service call Fotomoto that allows you order Elizabeth's art in a wide variety of formats and styles directly from our web page!

When you click on a thumbnail, a new window should pop up, floating on top of your current window. It will not only contain the image of the artwork (you may have to scroll up or down to see it all, depending on size), but it will also have a caption that reads "Buy Print   |   Buy Card  |   eCard". Click on one of these captions to activate the customization and shopping process.
Explore around - there are many, many fun formats, sizes and products to choose from. Everything from fine art canvases to greeting cards that you can type custom greetings into! You can even get estimated shipping costs before you complete your order!

For more about Fotomoto, visit their FAQ at http://support.fotomoto.com/customer/portal/topics/2737-customer-service/articles

When you are done, simply click on "Close" or on the little red X below the popup window. You'll still be on our site, and can continue to browse the beautiful art.

What is an eCard? : eCards are like "share via email" on steroids… and they are FREE! You can send any of the site images in an eCard, and the receiver(s) get a nice-looking HTML email that features the image, contains info this site, and has links to buy or re-share your image.

What's more, you can share via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ from the eCard with a single click!

Custom Orders and Galleries:
We would love to work with you in any way we can to help bring these wonderful images into your home or gallery. For custom order or installation inquiries, please contact Operations at:

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